The Road to Bolero

 2014 the play had its world premiere at the Harmony Puppet Festival in Bangkok and in september 2015 the play was a part of Ryazanskiye Smotrini International Puppet Festival i Russia.

In a small theatre, a little orchestra is rehearsing a great piece of music. This assembly of musicians not only have different instruments but also a vast array of temperaments. Their common ground; they need to perform Maurice Ravel’s classical piece Bolero together. But will the hardworking orchestra succeed with their rehearsals in time for the opening night? Will they be able to co-operate and follow the path the already strained conductor has laid? Or will the problems just become too much?



Today, most children experience classical music through film or video games, where main role for music is in the background. With The Road to Bolero there is now a possibility for children to get to know the symphonic instruments, both visually and musically and experience the captivating magical realm that an orchestra can create.

   – Nasrin Barati , Artistic Director


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