Welcome to Theatre Sesam

We have been sharing our passion for theatre since 1987

By working with both traditional and modern stage productions, Theatre Sesam is one of the leading free theatre groups in Sweden.  With our main focus being on puppetry and shadow play, we distinguish ourselves by the constant development of our technique and stage communication to keep classic theatre traditions alive. At Sesam we play theatre for all ages with our main focus on theatre for children and young adults.

Our theatre was established in 1987. From the beginning our aim has been to present puppetry on a professional level to a broad audience.  Our permanent stage is at Chapman’s Square in Gothenburg, Sweden. However touring in Sweden and around the world is, and has always been, a major part of the Sesam’s performances. On many occasions, Theatre Sesam is the only Nordic representative at international theatre festivals.

Most of our crew are highly educated and have worked within their art form for a long time. Throughout the years Theatre Sesam has become not only a sought after workplace, but an educational source for puppeteers and puppet makers.  In our workshops and studios we study and research new methods towards puppetry and puppet engineering.

As a free group we produce at least one new production per year. We never compromise on quality and see it as our duty to present complex and challenging plays for not only adults but also the youngest ones among us.

Our values lay on these three core foundations.

A Cultural Centre
We see it as our duty to provide our community with positive artistic influence. We do this through our activities, plays and workshops.  With positive meetings between different social groups, we encourage equality and celebrate our cultural differences

Professionalism for Children
Children’s right to receive art at the same quality that we provide for adults is the core of our philosophy. All too often children have to settle for simplified theatre with toys or very rudimentary hand puppets as entertainment. At Sesam we take children seriously and put equal value in the quality of production for children as we do for adults.

Puppetry Art
Puppetry art is an art form that offers unique opportunities to bring up and discuss both easy and difficult topics and even talk about themes that we deem unmentionable or taboo. With puppets and shadows as the tools in our productions, we generate conversations about important and current subjects.